Who is Speaking ? You or Your work (experience u create) ?

Either you or yr work has to speak up. Yes either MUST speak.

There are two kinds of brand building for all : self and product / services.

One is self promoter by its sheer nature or strategy. Aggressive advertising , marketing , self promotion , self talk etc. Making all out effort to be known among the target audience.

Second way is to do a kind work that speak for it self. It also requires speaking but here work speaks. Users of the work will speak and spread the word. When a company creates scintillating customer experience, its customers speaks. There was a saying that it is the best selling author and not necessarily best writing author who sells. However in times of powerful social media its the best writing authors will become best selling. Only sellers without the best content will be difficult now.

It is not always necessary that best sellers are not best content wise, however when users speaks rather than self /company , people believes most. Self sellers can be successful but when work sells – person and product not only reach up to the top but command respect also.

We have three shining examples of person whose work always spoke more than the self and they are on the top of their class : Guess? Mr. Amitabh Bachchan , Dr Manmohan SIngh & Sachin Tendulkar . All r introverts , speaks less but cud reach to the top , sheer for the kind of work they did. You may add examples on both side.

Its about users, customers and viewers experience.

Are you or your work (experience you create) speaks more than you?

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One thought on “Who is Speaking ? You or Your work (experience u create) ?

  1. Hi Sunin, Nice post. Action must be louder than the words.

    I agree when you suggest Offer (product, service) must speak for itself, hence creating a delighted customer and then turning them into advocates. But there are few benefits which makes it mandatory to have both speaking together in sync which I have realised through my corporate experience as Business Development & Marketing person.

    1. Delighted clients has limited resources and reach to the target market to advocate for the offer. Word-of-mouth will be a slow process (organic) though very effective.

    2. To get early adopters and capture the market fast, we need to speak with the target customers first about the offers. That’s why we have advertisements. There are many cases where effective advertisement has made a useless offer very successful.

    3. Market has become global and technology has made delivery of offer easy. Technology has also helped us to communicate easily and effectively. Hencce boasting about your offers and success has many benefits.

    For me the best approach is: Understand what kind of needs your offers addresses and for whom. Talk to the market about your conviction on how the offers will fullfill their needs. Walk your talk. Get certificate of Delight from the client. Market it, flount it to the hilt.

    Alok Singh Chauhan
    Gruppo Zenit, an Italian ICT provider.

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